31 in Austin, TX at Chaos in Tejas / Red 7 with Nasum / No Statik / Whitehorse / Gas Chamber / Phobia / Innumerable Forms / Mass Grave / Put To Death
3rd in Austin, TX at Chaos in Tejas / Hotel Vegas with Dragged Into Sunlight / Cough / Whitehorse / Cross / Batillus / Theories
04.06.12 Little Rock, AK at White Water Tavern with Batillus, As Dogs and Firing Order
05.06.12 Columbia, MO at Cafe Berlin with Batillus and Battlement
06.06.12 Lincoln, NE at Duffy's Tavern with Batillus and Ezra
07.06.12 Minneapolis, MN at Rathole with Batillus, Svoboda and Lungs
08.06.12 Milwaukee, WI at Quarters with Batillus & Northless
09.06.12 Appleton, WI at the Maritime Tavern with Batillus and The Parish
10.06.12 Chicago, IL at Double Door with Batillu, Making Ghosts, Alma Negra and Lost Dog
11.06.12 Pittsburgh, PA at Kopec's with Batillus and Slices and Ljebestod
12.06.12 Brooklyn, NY at Acheron with Batillus, Unearthly Trance and Skullshitter
13.06.12 Providence, RI at Machines With Magnets with Batillus + more
14.06.12 Philadelphia, PA at Kung Fu Necktie with Batillus and Warshack
15.06.12 Baltimore, MD at Golden West with Batillus and Mind As Prison
16.06.12 Richmond, VA at Strange Matter with Landmine Marathon + more
17.06.12 Asheville, NC at The Get Down with North, S.L.A.W. and (Young) American Landscape
18.06.12 Greensboro, NC at Karate Dungeon
19.06.12 Atlanta, GA at the 529 with Hot Graves, Aku You and Überchiist
20.06.12 Tampa FL at Brass Mug with Hot Graves, Riptorn, Collapse and Servants of the Mist
21.06.12 Panama City, FL at C Level with Hot Graves, Coeur, Death Before Dying
22.06.12 New Orleans, LA at Siberia with Hot Graves, Dethrone, Khringe and Solid Giant
23.06.12 Austin, TX details TBC
24.06.12 Shreveport, LA at H and H lounge with Wall and Sky and Cosmic Naught
25.06.12 Tulsa, OK at Soundpony with Senior Fellows & Common Fears
26.06.12 Albuquerque, NM at 1810 Broadway with Appalachian Terror Unit, Drought, Contortionist
27.06.12 Phoenix, AZ at the Yucca Tap Room with Rituals, Fanapth, OSSU
28.06.12 San Diego, CA at The Shakedown with Sodomia and Looming
29.06.12 Los Angeles, CA at The Joint with Sodomia, Pigeonwing + more
30.06.12 Oakland, CA at Oakland Metro Side Room with Brainoil, Permanent Ruin, Reivers, Your Enemy and Monuments Collapse
01.07.12 San Francisco, CA at The Elbo Room (matinee show) with Vastum, Laudanum
02.07.12 Arcata, CA at The Alibi with Satya Sena
03.07.12 Portland, OR at Plan B with Atriarch, The Body and Usnea
04.07.12 DAY OFF
05.07.12 Bellingham, WA at The Shakedown with The Body and Leatherhorn
06.07.12 Seattle, WA The High Line with The Body, Satya Sena and Golgothan Sunrise

Monday, April 25, 2011

Whitehorse new happenings and future plans.

Whitehorse have returned to Melbourne and are taking in a brief break after 31 US shows. We return to Australia less one member, drummer Robert has remained in New York after tour to try his luck in the Big Apple. With all remaining members back in Melbourne, May will see us back in the rehearsal room working on getting to speed with a new drummer and writing new material.

Whitehorse will be working on writing and recording for:
Extortion / Whitehorse - split 7"
Whitehorse / Cross - split cassette / vinyl
Batillus / Whitehorse - Split LP / CD

as well as working towards a follow up full length to PROGRESSION.

The PROGRESSION CD is now available on Sweatlung Records and can be ordered direct from us (w/sale also available) for further information or to place an order please contact "info at sweatlung dot com" (recreate this in email format)

The Body / Whitehorse split 7" on Sweatlung / Aum War is mostly sold out but can be ordered from Aquarius Records or Armageddon Records in the US or if you are in Australia from the above email provided for the Progression CD

Over the next few days we will also list what t-shirts we have available.

More soon.



Industrie Chimère Noire said...

Goods new to see that you will release some new stuff!

If you need some help fro the artwork of ant of these future release don't hesitate to ask me.


slappuh said...

is progression also coming out on vinyl? and when are you ozzies coming to europe to bring some doom over here?

Cheers sander

Sweat Lung said...

Sander, Progression should be out on At A Loss Records in a month or so .. Hope to come to Europe at some point..